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This 3-in-1 (card, code, or both) keypad features rugged vandal-resistant construction with a heavy-duty stainless-steel faceplate and a coated steel backing to withstand the elements.

Split Series Keypad with Proximity Card Reader

    • Split series installation for added security – keypad and controller are separate thereby preventing access via keypad tampering
    • 12~24 VDC Auto-adjusting operation
    • Up to 1,000 possible user codes (000~999) and/or proximity cards for output #1, 100 (001~100) for output #2, 100 (001~100) for output #3
    • Up to 50 (01~50) possible temporary visitor codes, which can be programmed for one-time or limited-time use (1~99 hours)
      • Output #1: Form C relay, 5A@24VDC max.
      • Output #2: Form C relay, 1A@24VDC max.
      • Output #3: Form C relay, 1A@24VDC max.
    • Outputs #1, #2, and #3 can be programmed to activate for up to 99,999 seconds (nearly 28 hours)
    • Tamper output: N.C. Dry contact, 50mA@24VDC max.
    • Keypad illuminates when a button is pressed; backlight can be programmable for FULL or AUTO in standby mode
    • Built-in door chime
    • Built in current limited (750mA) power source for keypad for added security
    • Keypad active, alarm, duress, and interlock output: Transistor ground, 100mA@24VDC max.
    • Keypad mounts to a standard single-gang back box (surface-mount back box included)
    • All features are programmed directly from the keypad: No need for an external programmer
    • EEPROM Memory protects programmed information in case of power loss
    • Up to 50 (01~50) duress codes for output #1, 10 (01~09) for output #2, 10 (01~09) for output #3
    • Programmable egress input with optional warning alarm and delayed egress
    • Door sensor input for anti-tailgating operation
    • Interlocking input for connecting to a second keypad for mantrap applications
    • Simple three wire connection between keypad and controller
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