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Entry Alert System, 22ft

Entry Alert System, 22ft

    • Retro-reflective design
    • Perfect for monitoring an entrance or use as an entrance indicator
    • Will make “ding-dong” sound or siren sound when the beam is interrupted
    • Speaker volume can be adjusted or turned off
    • When in siren mode, sounding time is adjustable from 3 to 30 sec.
    • 9VDC adapter included
    • All components plug into each other. No hard wiring required. 32ft Cable from speaker to sensor
    • Includes the following:

                      NIR retro-reflective sensor.



                     9VDC 200mA power adapter. 6ft cable

    ​  ​Typical Applications:

    Safety sensor for garage doors

    Overhead doors security sensor

    Entry detection for store front

    Other applications: offices, schools, warehouse, vehicle detection, etc

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